Reading the other side….

Sadly, anti Muslim sentiment is very high these days with Trump setting up travel bans, and members of the “So Called Islamic State” spreading chaos all over the world: religious tensions are on the increase and friendships are forced to change.  Stereotyping is prevalent and Muslims are being persecuted only for their faith, and not for their personal actions.  

I watched a TV show on Australian TV where the debate escalated becoming bitter and unpalatable. In the end, the Muslim lady invited the audience to read up about Islam with a very unbiased and open mind in order to understand that the religion itself is all about peace and love, and that the ISIS and terrorists are only harbingers of bad news.  

Feeling that I should increase my knowledge and learn more about Islam through the writings of other authors, I researched and found the following books :

– Muhammad by Martin Lings 

– After the Prophet and The First Muslim, both by Lezlie Hazleton. 

All three books are very well researched and detailed.  The interesting thing to ponder is that all these books are written by non Muslims who must have approached this sensitive topic with a critical eye and preconceived ideas. Yet they have emerged triumphant and presented their learnings which speak for all the misunderstood creed!!