Florence and the Di Medici family

My interest in the history of Florence was further piqued when I visited the beautiful city during Christmas holidays. Art and Culture is part of the meandering streets and lanes, and every turn has something new to offer from the statue of David, the famous Uffizi Gallery, the tall bell tower.  The dome of the Duomo is the highlight of the trip, which stands tall and majestic over the city.  

During the pinnacle of the Di Medici family success, the incomplete dome  of the church was thought to be too  difficult to build.  That’s when Lorenzo Di Medici commissioned Filippo Brunellesci who was considered a magician by his peers as no one had dared to complete the seemingly impossible mission.  Brunellesci used an oval egg to show how he would construct the dome using mathematics and physics highly advanced for the fifteenth century. 

My next read is the life of Catherine Di Medici who was a powerful matriarch of this illustrious family.  

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